The Mission - Promote clean up, access, and sustainability. Aid researchers in stock assessment. Tag and release pelagic species, and provide a platform to support other activities required to improve the environmental and social state of the seas in the littoral zone.

The Story - As a young waterman, I learned from my father. A surfer, diver, and conservationist, he taught me how to respect all resources. “take only what you need, and leave it in better condition than you found it”, was his message. “do what you can to help make it better”. While serving a boatbuilding apprenticeship 40 years ago in Maine, I formed a deep appreciation for the traditional lobster boat. It’s seaworthiness speed, and beautiful lines, make it suitable for many tasks.

I have had the great fortune to go “full circle”, return to Maine and build a modern day version of the timeless hull form. As the project progressed, my direction became clearer. Build a platform capable of various research task like, & tag & release of pelagic fish, sampling, diving and observation, promote clean oceans and clean eating, and load it with all the latest electronics and necessities to rang at sea for several days, Now after many years of planing and construction, these ideas are becoming reality!

bound for California, R/V Pilar is becoming a reality and should launch in the fall of 2019! She will carry the latest commercially available technology. This is my chance to give back and help preserve the ocean I love. Join me and lets work at making the ocean a better place! She will be available for institutional as well as private service anywhere in the world, starting in 2020.

Specs -